Island Scooters Key West

Key West scooter rental

No extra or hidden fees, no security deposit, and your first tank of gas is free.

 Courtesy shuttle provided.


Island Scooters Key West

Island scooters key west


Island Scooters Key West

   Located in Key West Florida offering Double, Single and the Premiere Key West Kruiser the three wheel trike for rentals.

Free shuttles to and from the rental.

First tank of gas is on us.

Free helmet with scooter rental.


scooter rentals key west

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What people are saying about Island Scooters Key West:

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 14, 2013

This was my first time to Key West and I knew my wife and I wanted to rent a scooter for at least one day. I was impressed that the rate of $65 included a full 24 hours. After my 1st day I called Josh to extend my rental 2 more days and it was a simple phone call to get it extended. I ended up extending one more time and he was very accommodating to my request. This place is owner operated and Josh answered the phone anytime I called during my rental period. There was no deposit required and I did not have to return the scooter with a full tank of gas. The scooters are in great shape and I did not have any mechanical issues during my rental. As advertised, he comes to your location to pick you up and brings you back to the hotel after you drop off. Josh is one of the new guys in town when it comes to scooter rentals and he deserves your business. I would definitely rent from Josh again when I visit Key West again.

Susan L
Texarkana, Arkansas
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 7, 2013

We just got back from a week at KeyWest. Before coming asi am sure lots of folks do, I researched scooter places. After so much positive info I decided I would rent from island scooters. they were awesome!! Not knowing my way around the island I called several times to get directions. after several failed attempts “Rosie” offered to meet us and shuttle us to their shop. Resenting the scooter was a breeze! They were located going out of Key West on the right. We were staying at a miltary base and even left the scooter parked there by other scooters overnight with no problem. Scooters are the only way to get around on the island besides a bicycle. Parking cars are horrible and at $15-$20 a pop u can save some money and experience the island much better on a scooter. We got a two seater and had no problems. I actually took a large beach towel and folded it up between the seat and end of the scooter for extra room. The only “words of wisdom” would be if it rains— I mean really comes down for an hour or more don’t park your scooter near the A &B steakhouse or anywhere down on those streets. We were going to wait out the rain and it was up to our knees, a lot of other scooters were completely under water!!! We pushed ours to higher ground came back next day started no problem. island scooters are awesome! Very friendly, off the beaten path and it shows! looking forward to next year and another rental from island scooters.

Kimberly Burt
Big Pine Key, Florida
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 23, 2013

Island Scooters key west was awesome. we rented a fleet of trikes. they were easy to use and had cool LED lights. the wedding party and family had an awesome time cruisin in key west. thank you island scooters.


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Key West Florida the Best Place to Be.

Key West Florida is the best place to visit when you wish to have a perfect getaway. It is located southernmost part of United States. It has been a great tourist attraction that is drawing a lot of visitors every year. Florida Keys are a string of islets that are more than a hundred miles which extends from the southern part the south west of Florida. These islets are called Florida Keys. This is one of nature’s wonder where small sandy islets are formed on top of the coral reef. For that reason, there are a lot of tourists that are drawn into the islands in order to experience the wonder of nature with its amazing natural and eccentric architecture.

Key West Things to Do

You can do a lot of things while in Key West. It is famous for its beaches, historic sites, and exciting night life and water sports. When you are in the island you can go around by walking, bike tracking or in a scooter. In Key West scooter rental is very famous, so with the bi-cycle. Most of the visitor will tour around riding in a scooter or with a bi-cycle. This is to allow easy access to different areas quickly. Therefore, visitors will have a great chance to go around and cover much of the island’s wonders. Moreover, this easy transportation is readily available anytime for the convenient of the tourist.

Key West Transportation

It is not difficult to go and visit the chain of islands in Florida. It is accessible either by all means of transportation; it may be in the air, water and land transportation. Yes, you can come into the island by cruise ships, airplanes and automobiles.


  • Water Transportation – Going into a cruise is a dream comes true for you and your loved ones. You will have the chance to have a closer view of the amazing chain of islands. Moreover, you will be able to get the thrill as you travel and enjoy, and see the formations of living corals as you sail on a glass bottom boat.
  • Air Transportation – The chain of islands are being linked to the mainland of Florida. The visitors can fly from their place of destination to Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), or Miami International Airport (MIA). Traveler can choose between rental cars or airport shuttle buses this is to bring them to the gateway to the keys known as, Key Largo. Within an hour, the visitor can reach the gateway from Miami International Airport; while, 45 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).
  • Land Transportation- the Department of Transportation of Key West has several shuttle lines and buses to bring visitors from and to the airport. These buses will go around the city in order to bring tourist to their destination. However, there are Island Scooters Key West that the visitor can rent to make the trip easy and a lot quicker. Travelers can choose between the single seat scooter and the Key West double seat scooters for couples.

The Best Time to Visit Key West

Key West is all time favorite of the travelers. Although, to some the best time to visit the place November and December; but, to many it is the best place to visit all year round. Depending on what you like but, January is the coldest month of the year where the temperature overnight is 65.5°F; while, august is the warmest where the temperature of the average day is 90°F. However, data shows that the driest month of the year in Florida Key West is February where precipitation is 1.55 inches, and the wettest is the month of September where precipitation is 5.45 inches.

Island Scooters Key West

When in Key West, it is best to rent for scooter. This is to make your vacation hassle free. Island Scooters Key West will bring you to a lot of different historical places, hotels restaurants fast. You will not be spending much of your time to wait for the scheduled bus to arrive. Scooters are perfect for the outdoor lover who wants to feel the breeze of the sea smelling air; which will hit your face as you go around the Islands. It is important to note that there is no best way to go around the islands except with a scooter. Moreover, you will not have difficulty in parking spaces because there are lots of parking spaces for scooters at Florida Key West.

The Island Scooters Key West offers different types of scooter rentals:

Check for the most Reliable Scooter Rental Company

It is advisable that you work only with the most reliable scooter rental company. This is to ensure that your most awaited vacation would not turn to be in chaotic instead of being a perfect one. Check the reliability of the scooter rental company that you wish to work with. Below are things that you need to consider when renting a scooter in Key West.

  • Best Services – this is to be considered because, you are a stranger on this foreign land. Encase you lost your way. Somebody will back you up with information through phone.
  • Courteous Employees- it is important that you ensure that the employees are courteous as to help you encase problem will arise along your trip.
  • New Scooter Unit – you do not want to be left behind in the middle of your trip alone because your scooter fails to start. Well maintained scooter will surely not bring you problem of breaking down.
  • Best Customer Service – This is very important to consider. The customer service will help you fast when situations arise.

Key West Accommodation

You will not have difficulties in finding a place to stay while in Florida Key West. There are a lot of hotels/ Motels/ Guest Houses/Resort that you and your loved one can find that will suit your style and budget. Whatever type of accommodation you wish to take, all services and amenities, were superb, and perfect for each guest. Normally, bed and breakfast will be provided in order to make your stay a perfect getaway.

Island Scooters Key West also provides coupons to restaurants  and bars with each rental save a buck where you can, Island Scooters Key West will help you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Island Scooters Key West

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  1. Tom and Debbie Ferlicca

    We come down a couple times a year and always rent from Josh at Island Scooters…We have first rented from other places and had maintenence issues with the quality of the scooter due to age and wear, and even had to replace the scooter. At Island Scooter you will get quality with a newer scooter, wide variety of choices and with friendly terrific service!! No hassles here just lots of fun!!!!